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How SlideAwesome works


Use photos and video from Instagram, Facebook, RSS or your PC


Customise your photo slideshow, add awesome effects


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On your site

It's easy to add your photo slideshow to your website. Just insert the embed code. Wordpress, Wix and all major CMSs supported.

On social media

Get the link to your slideshow and post it on any social network. Friends and followers see your photos fast.

Your SlideAwesome photo slideshow is responsive and mobile friendly for viewing on all devices and browsers.

Automatically update your
photo slideshow

Save time by automatically updating slideshows from your Instagram and Facebook feeds or an RSS feed.

Post to Instagram, add a photo to Facebook or a story to an RSS feed, and you'll see this in your slideshow (the slider opposite reads an RSS feed). You can take a back seat and relax...

Showcase your photos in style

Create stunning photo albums to share through social media, embed on your own website, or host on ours. Perfect for aspiring or professional photographers wanting to showcase their work.

Advanced features for website owners

Stealth mode

Test slideshows on your live site but make them invisible to others until you're ready. Great for testing new designs.

Screen to size

Make an impact by setting your photo slideshow to cover the screen. We use this in our own slider at the top of the page.

High performance

SlideAwesome image sliders use hardware acceleration features whenever possible to give jank-free transitions.

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